At Pullman Rail, we are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team. We look for bright, enthusiastic people who can work both independently and in a team and in return, we support and encourage continued personal development.

If you believe you have the skills to contribute to our future success, then we want to hear from you.

Our principles of employment

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions for all employees.
  • To provide an open, challenging, rewarding and participative environment for all who work in the company.
  • To train and develop all employees to achieve their full potential.
  • To communicate the goals, direction and performance of the company.
  • To reward collective and individual abilities and personal performance.
  • To provide a working environment which encourages teamwork, commitment and loyalty.
  • To ensure an open access to career opportunities.

Our commitment to safety

We want everyone to feel ‘Free to be Safe’; everyone has the right to go home safe every day.

Our people are:

  • Free to be safe
  • Free to speak up
  • Free to challenge
  • Free to stop work to reassess the situation

Safety is one of our core values at Pullman Rail and as such, the health and well-being of all our employees is paramount.

We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to be an ambassador for safe working practices and we actively encourage and promote a working environment that enables our employees to:

  • Put safety first
  • Innovate  
  • Adapt to new situations

Everyone is welcome

We are an equal opportunities employer and we value and encourage diversity in our workforce, regardless of: 

  • Background
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Religious beliefs
  • Nationality
  • Disabilities
  • Marital status or sexual orientation.

As part of our aim to deliver quality services, we are committed to promoting equality and eliminating discrimination.