Innovation Meets Experience.

Pullman Rail has been serving the rail industry for the last two decades, providing technical expertise and quality workmanship. 

Operating from our depot on the main rail line in Cardiff, we collaborate with our clients to develop innovative solutions which address their specific requirements - from complete overhaul projects, to repair and maintenance.

Our technical expertise in safety and project management means we can deliver refined engineering and production solutions to meet precise specifications. We are constantly developing our systems and techniques to provide sustainable, time and cost effective results to cut down on lead and cycle times and get your vehicles back into revenue earning service as quickly as possible.

With over 20 years of experience, working alongside the rail industry, you can count on us to provide exceptional results - tailored to your technicalities.

Pullman Rail is part of the TFW Group.

Our history includes the overhaul and refurbishment of Traction and Rolling Stock for TOCs, FOCs and ROSCOs, through to specialised upgrades, overhaul, refurbishment and maintenance of all passenger and freight vehicles currently used on the UK’s railways.


Since 2010, we have held RISAS accreditation for our bogie and wheelset overhaul and repair work.

Since 1995, we have held ISO 9000 accreditation, further cementing our commitment to quality and standards.

How can we help?

We’d be delighted to gain a better understanding of your business needs and requirements, so we can tailor a service package that meets your demands.